((Death for Elwyn. BECAUSE WHY NOT?!))


"Sweetheart, no, no, you have to keep your eyes open for me, alright?"

Jake was scrambling with the scarce medical supplies he’d brought with him on the trip, wishing he’d brought somthing else. A fairy, perhaps. Only a fairy, he knew, in the back of his mind where he didn’t dare pay attention to his own thoughts, could save her now.

Flat on her back, her own blood pooling around her from more than one mortal wound for her to suffer with.

Off in the distance, Elien brandished her sword against the beast that felled the young hunter, roaring in outright fury and ignoring her own bloodied wounds received from the gigantic monster.

But the beast was close enough to death, now. Jake was confident in that, at least. Elwyn had done plenty of damage to it herself, with Elien’s help…and Elien could handle it now. But Elwyn…

"Sweetheart. Please. Look at me." Jake, his gloved hand steady despite the tremble in his voice, pushed some matted hair away from the girl’s face. "Right here." He touched the point on his brow between his eyes, and grinned encouragingly when Elwyn listened. "Good girl."

There was too much blood. She wasn’t going to make it.

"Not gonna make it, am I?" she said softly, as if reading his thoughts. And her smile was weak at the dismayed look the knight gave her. "It’s alright."

"No, it isn’t. I could have—"

"Please. None of that."

There was an ear shattering shriek, followed by a thunderous crash as the beast slammed into the earth, life finally leaving it. 

"It wasn’t either of your faults."

Elien had dropped her weapon—something the woman never, ever did—and was already sprinting for the two of them. She dropped to her knees in a stumbling slide as she drew close enough, panting, her eyes wide, frantic, but clear.

"Aw, Grit," the woman hissed. 

"Yeah, I know. I’ve been prettier," the girl muttered. 

Elien was quiet for a moment while Jake tried to stop the bleeding, knowing he was only buying the girl time, rather than a ticket back home. 

Finally, the woman grinned.

"That was some amazing fighting you did," she said, and reached down, picking up the girl’s cold hand from the bloodied earth, not paying any attention to the blood that smeared onto her own hands.

"Yeah?" Elwyn grinned. "I thought so, too."

"That roll you did? Dodging the thing’s claws. That was pretty fuckin’ wicked."

"Ha." Elwyn’s grin faded into a soft smile.

"Seriously. Jake’s best knights would have dropped /ages/ ago."

"No, it’s true," Jake agreed, throat tight, but going along with what his wife was doing for her. "They’re all a bunch of d…damn p-pansy-asses compared to you," he said, voice breaking as he attempted his own smile.

Elwyn left the world halfway through a laugh.

Moments passed like eons until Jake reached out, and shut the young hunter’s eyes. He closed a fist and pressed it to his chest, ducking his head and muttering an ancient, Hyrulian prayer for a fallen soldier, his eyes shut tight, and his brow furrowed.

Elien sat back, utterly tense muscles going loose, absolutely quiet. The only sounds were of the wind around them and Jake’s soft chant.

She didn’t put the girl’s hand down for a long time.

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